Calligraphy Perfect Vision

Yet another breakthrough in lens technology

Also called as ‘the next generation’ progressive lens, it is a lens that’s optimized for each individual prescription. All visual needs are 3 dimensionally fused onto the back surface of the lens.

The Advanced digital ray tracing technology improves vision for the wearer throughout the lens. The simulation analyses the oblique aberrations and unwanted prismatic effects which are optical effects that have an adverse impact on the visual performance of the lens.


Perfect vision with advanced digital ray tracing technology

The advanced ray tracing technology implements a precise computerized simulation of the lens’ optical behavior when it is placed in front of the wearer’s eye.

At every point of the lens, the aberration data is analyzed and collected. With the analyzed information, the technology goes a step further to optimize the lens surface by correcting the identified, unwanted aberrations. The wearer will perceive wider and more comfortable vision in all the viewing distances.

Technology in a nutshell

  • Digital ray tracing software
  • Back surface progressive design
  • Digital technology
  • Aspheric optics


  • Gradient cylinder control throughout the lens surface
  • Aspheric compensation for each prescription which eliminates swims and distortions
  • Back surface progressive and asphericity provides 30% larger fields of vision when compared to conventional front surface progressives
  • Distortion free distance vision and consistently wider near vision
  • Available in a wide range of refractive indices ranging from 1.5 to 1.67 with options of Clear/Transitions/Polarized and Photochromic


  • An outstanding visual experience with spacious distance, intermediate and reading zones
  • Automatically adjusts to the eye’s transition between distances: intermediate and near
  • 30% larger viewing zones
  • Improved intermediate vision for demanding visual tasks like driving, working at computer etc
  • Expanded reading area rendering enhanced vision

Overall, a unique digital lens which uses a breakthrough in technology to deliver optimized vision for each individual wearer.