Calligraphy Bravo

Bravo Progressives

New age progressive lens – Bravo

Bravo is a progressive lens with latest, trending technology. With the progressive design on the back surface, the technology uses digital optics equalizer to achieve much higher precision in power throughout any point on the lens.

With the applied technology, the progressive design has an ultra-smooth transition from one zone to the other.


Fully optimized 100% back surface progressive design

Due to the highest precision and optimization achieved through digitization, the wearers can now enjoy remarkably clearer vision with quick adaptation that suits almost every aspect of their lifestyle.

The results are an enlarged field of vision, with reduced swim effect and much quicker adaptation.

Technology in a nutshell


  • Digital optics equalizer technology
  • Back surface design optimization
  • Aspheric optics
  • Digital technology


  • Balanced softness: A smooth balance of power between far, intermediate and near vision
  • Key-hole effect: The progressive design on the back surface of the lens brings the lens and thereby the power close to the eyes, resulting in noticeably wider fields of vision.

    While the conventional progressive lenses are sculpted on the front surface of the progressive lens, Calligraphy Bravo arranges the progressive elements and distance prescription on the back surface of the progressive lens.

  • Power accuracy: The technology grinds the power accurately throughout the lens so that the power is precise through any gaze of the eye


  • Smooth visual transition between viewing zones
  • Increased sharpness in distance and larger reading area as the lens is placed closer to the eye
  • Significantly reduced swim effect and wavy distortions
  • Instant adaptation

Overall, Calligraphy Bravo is a progressive lens that offers improved image stability because the back surface is sculpted with an exact RX for distance, intermediate and near vision.