Calligraphy Ecole

Striking an ideal balance between distant, intermediate and near views

Calligraphy Ecole is a versatile, all-purpose progressive lens with a soft and balanced progressive design. The aberrations are less pronounced and occur more gradually in the lens periphery. They are more comfortable and easier to adapt than ‘harder designs’ where aberrations occur more abruptly at the borders of the viewing zones.

The digital technology creates an even smoother and softer progressive lens surface. As a result, there is now better control of the power progression and creation of wider areas.


Standard Progressive
Calligraphy Ecole

Calligraphy Ecole has been designed and engineered to provide the softest progressive lens design possible while maintaining large, distortion-free viewing zones for distant, intermediate and near views.

  • Back surface design optimization
  • Aspheric optics
  • Digital technology

Ecole progressive lens has the perfect balance between distant, intermediate and near views with smooth transition of power offering the wearer the easiest way to find the focal zones.

Shifting the gaze effortlessly from distance through mid-range to near requires a combination of smooth power changes and accurate placement of the entire progressive corridor which is achieved by the point-to-point cutting edge digital technology.


  • Soft design digitally surfaced offering an optimized balance between distant, intermediate and near views
  • Lower level of unwanted astigmatism to improve dynamic vision
  • Consistent power over the whole lens surface due to the aspheric surface optics generated by state of the art digital technology
  • The optimal level of stability and orientation ensures ‘swimming sensations’ are effectively reduced
  • Optimum binocular vision


  • Optimal accurate vision & improved peripheral vision
  • Enhanced visual comfort
  • Sharper definition of colors
  • Reduced eye fatigue, especially for a bifocal wearer moving to progressives
  • Easy transition from bifocal to progressive lenses. The most preferred choice for first time progressive wearers

Calligraphy Ecole is a digital progressive lens that provides optimal viewing areas, allowing for natural head and eye movement from the distance area through the near.