Calligraphy Auto Fit

Limitless Possibilities

Calligraphy AF is a pioneer in individual RX customization for progressives. Each lens is built to suit your specifications, take care of the eye health and increase longevity. Using a revolutionary digital manufacturing process, with computer-aided design and surfacing, progressives are personalized more than ever. So, pick any frame as per your taste and enjoy an optimized comfort in the progressive lens.


Ground breaking technology

Calligraphy AF premium progressives are customized using vital details of your selected frame and specific prescription.

Our cutting edge technology delivers the highest level of compatibility, offering the best comfort possible, irrespective of the shape, size, distance between the lenses and optical centre.

Variable corridors and customized reading zones

The variable corridors offered by Calligraphy Auto Fit widen the frame selection. This enables us to align the lens performance with each wearer’s visual needs and preferred frame choice. The reading zone is never a compromise again with a variety of fitting heights offered for the suitable frame type.
Fitting height is available from 13mm upto 21mm to suit any frame size and shape.

Variable Base curves

In terms of design aesthetics, Calligraphy Auto Fit lenses deliver the desired vision quality as they are created with your frame preference in mind with no limitations on base curves, no matter what the frame type is, available upto 85 diameters (DIA).

Technology in a nutshell

  • Frame fit personalization with variable progression length and base curves
  • Back surface progressive design
  • Aspheric optics
  • Digital technology


  • Proximal visual fields as it is created according to the frame fit of the wearer.
  • Variable corridor length and base curves to align the lens performance with wearer’s specific needs.
  • Improved viewing angle – upto 50% wider distance
  • Vast reading area – upto 50% wider, as the gazing angle is improved.
  • Reduced swim or distortions nearly up to 30% as the power is consistent towards the centre and borders of the lens.
  • It is available in a wide range of refractive indices ranging from 1.5 to 1.74 with options of Clear/Transitions/Polarized/Drivewear


  • Exceptional optical quality
  • High vision comfort tailored to the visual needs of your preferred frame
  • Wider field of vision in the centre of the lens ( uninterrupted clear vision while moving)
  • The reading area is automatically adjusted as per the frame shape rendering enough comfortable space for reading
  • No limitation on frame style as the lens is customized according to the frame type

Overall, in short HD lenses are for modern lifestyles which demand a highly sophisticated technology to provide unsurpassed clarity in preferred frame.